Ra Band


The Ra band came about as a result of the contributors to what was to be Rob Andrew's third solo album. David Groves (guitars and occasional keyboards) had been working with the music since 2003 when the band started assembling the material. After a couple of years of developing the core material it became obvious that they needed help. Rob knew Steve Hillman's work and recognised that not only was he a great keyboard player but he had also released a stunning progressive album called "Convergence".

With Steve's welcome presence it was felt that a real drummer was critical for the album, and Dai Rees was invited to fill that role.

This line-up went on to record the instrumental albums "Wake" and "Ra Rising".

The next step was to introduce vocals into the mix. Richard Benjamin was invited to contribute on the basis of his work with Magenta Crumpet. Soon after this David became unavailable due to other commitments and Brian Jones stepped in on guitar.

This current incarnation of the band has taken the name Ra Rising, and they are currently in the process of mixing a download single, with the latest album, "Seize the Day", due for release in 2014.



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